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 #right(){English [[日本語>]]}
 *Cadencii, what is that?
 &nbsp(6)Cadenncii is a free software for editing scores for several singing synthesis systems. [[VOCALOID>]], [[VOCALOID2>]], UTAU, STRAIGHT with UTAU, and [[AquesTone>]] are available as synthesizer.}
-&nbsp(6)Latest Stable Release (8 May, 2011) Windows version [[>]] (6.7MB)
-&nbsp(6)Latest Stable Release (8 May, 2011) Macintosh version [[Cadencii_v3.4.1.dmg>]] (42.5MB)
+&nbsp(6)Latest Stable Release (21 Aug., 2011) Windows version [[>]] (6.7MB)
+&nbsp(6)Latest Stable Release (21 Aug., 2011) Macintosh version [[Cadencii_v3.4.1.dmg>]] (42.5MB)
 //&nbsp(6)Source Code [[>]] (520KB)
 *Required Environment
 &nbsp(6)To execute Cadencii, .NET Runtime or compatible runtime should be installed. In the platform other than Win, several functions do not run correctly. 
 **In case VOCALOID2 is installed
 ||.NET Framework|mono/WinXP|mono/openSUSE|mono/MacOSX Leopard|
 |Rendering WAVE|○|○|(not tested)|(not tested)|
 |Sound preview when fingerboard pressed|○|○|(not tested)|(not tested)|
 **In case VOCALOID2 is NOT installed
 ||.NET Framework|mono/WinXP|mono/openSUSE|mono/MacOSX Leopard|
 |Rendering WAVE|×|×|×|×|
 |Sound preview when fingerboard pressed|△|△|×|×|
  *△:available if you have cached *.wav files which generated in other computer.
 Testing environment:
 -.NET Framework 3.5 / Windows XP
 -mono 2.4 / Windows XP
 -mono 2.4 / openSUSE 10.3
 -mono 2.4 / Mac OS X 10.5
 *Development Status
 &nbsp(6)Latest development version is 3.4.0.
 *Thanks to
 -Tool icons are designed by [[Yusuke Kamiyamane>>]].
 -A component of Cadencii, "vstidrv.dll" is based on the source code of "vsq2wav" which has been developped by "ないしょの人" ([[はちゅねのないしょ>>]]).
 -A component of Cadencii, "bocoree.dll" contains arranged version of FFT which has been developped by Mr. Takuya OOURA.
 -Cadencii is free software.
 -Source codes of Cadencii are the copyright of kbinani.
 -Cadencii is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
 ("VOCALOID" is trademark of YAMAHA Corporation)