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檻の中 (LAB RAT)


With the disappearance of the Queen of Blades, the zerg Swarm has been shattered.

Jim Raynor's rebel forces have smuggled Sarah Kerrigan off Char, leaving the planet to Genreal Warfield and the Dominion. Meanwhile, the powerful xel'naga artifact has disappeared.

In a hidden base in Umojan Protectorate, Raynor and Prince Valerian have begun conducting tests to ensure that Kerrigan's return to humanity is complete.

But they are running out of time. Throughout the sector, Emperor Mengsk's forces carry out a relentless hunt for the Dominion's most hated enemy : Sarah Kerrigan.

What are you hoping to get out of these tests, Valerian? I told you I don't remember anything about being the Queen of Blades.

We have to find out how much of the zerg mutagen is left in your system. I appreciate your cooperation, Kerrigan.

Do you usually keep cooperative people in a containment cell?

When we know it's safe, I'll unlock your door myself. Now, can you reach out with your mind? Do you sense it?

A drone? Are you really asking me to take control of a zerg mind? Do you know what could happen?

All the test subjects are in a secure environment.

Are you able to control it?

Left-click the drone to select it.


Testing. (beeping) No playback errors detected. Repeating instructions.

Left-click the drone to select it.

Subject is unresponsive. Translating instructions into native language: (zerg sounds)

Possible hardware failure. Testing audio response: Your sound card works perfectly.

The only thing you're testing is my patience.

I've been poked and prodded enough.


Yeah, I have it.

Okay. The next step: See if you can order the drone to mutate into a hatchery.

On the drone's command card, left-click on the Basic Mutation button.

Now left-click on the Mutate into Hatchery button, and place the hatchery by left-clicking.

A hatchery is the central structure of a zerg base. It spreads creep, so that other structures can be built.

The hatchery also produces larvae, which you use to morph into more drones or other zerg creatures.

When you use larvae, the hatchery will replenish them over time.


Kerrigan, why did you stop the hatchery from mutating?


Please cooperate, we have a short timetable.


Okay, Kerrigan, I'm releasing more drones into the test chamber.

See if you can order them to gather those resources.

Select drones by left-clicking.

Then right-click on a mineral field.

This will order them to start harvesting minerals.


You're doing well, Kerrigan. Can you morph more drones?

I need an overlord to morph anything else.

Do it then. One overlord shouldn't hurt.

Left-click to select your hatchery.

To morph an overlord left-click on the Select Larva button on the command card.

Now left-click on the Morph to Overlord button on the command card.


The zerg use overlords to generate more supply.

Your current supply maximum is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen along with how much supply you are currently using.

If you do not have enough available supply, you will not be able to morph a unit.

Excellent. I planned to stop here, but let's take this a little further.

Try mutating a drone into a spawning pool.

To mutate a zerg structure, first select a drone by left-clicking.

Left-click Basic Mutation on the command card.

Now left-click on Mutate into Spawning Pool.


The spawning pool allows the hatchery to turn larvae into zerglings.

You know this is going to end badly, right?

We have a controlled environment.


Kerrigan, the Spawning Pool did not finish mutating. Did you tell it to stop?


The spawning pool is finished. You should go down to the test chamber and inspect it.

Ah, I can see just fine from up here, thanks. I think that's all we need today, Kerrigan. Great work.

If you think that was great work, wait 'til you see this. I'll make some zerglings...

Left-click to select your hatchery.

To create zerglings, left-click on the Select Larva button on the command card.

Now left-click on the Morph to Zergling button on the command card.


Kerrigan, what are you doing?

Putting your controlled environment to the test.


Stop! I didn't ask you to create zerglings!

Funny thing about zerg, Valerian. They never do what you expect.

Shut down the experiment. Get sentry bots in there to sanitize those holding cells!

Lockdown on the sublevel and power up the Eradicator! Nothing gets out!

Maybe if I destroy your pretty Eradicator, you'll learn you can't control the zerg.


I sense more zerglings in holding pens! Valerian, you were very careless! Perhaps I'll free them too...

Containment breach. Zerg specimens free.

Evacuate the scientists! Get all personnel out of there!


Kerrigan, call off your... drones? You're attacking with drones?

More zerglings. Good, I can use them.

Kerrigan! This is not a game!

It never is with the zerg.

Zerg! Run!

Dammit, get all personnel off that level!

No more personnel remain on sublevel.

It's all... out of control.

Containment door closed.

Automated gas defense activated.

That containment door won't open until I destroy those turrets!

The door's open. Now to destroy the Eradicator.

You have more zerglings here? Well, they're mine now.

You've made your point, Kerrigan!

Not yet I haven't. I'm still in your containment cell.

Eradicator activated.


Eradicator destroyed. Situation critical.

The zerg have overrun the sublevel. You're lucky no one was killed, Kerrigan.

Luck had nothing to do with it. And maybe now you understand how dangerous the zerg are. I'll send them back to their pens.

I appreciate that. I'm opening your cell right now, if you'd like to join me.

And perhaps next time you can make your point without destroying half the facility?

You think we're done? Let's put your controlled environment to the test.

Don't worry, you can control a few zerg without turning back into the Queen of Blades.

Shut down the experiment. Sanitize the holding cells!

The door is malfunctioning.

The hatchery also produces larvae, which you use to morph into more drones or other zerg creatures.

To create zerglings, left-click on the Select Larva button on the command card.

Excellent. I planned to stop here, but let's take this a little further.

You're giving me more zerg to control. You like to live dangerously, don't you?

It is also the only structure which produces units, once the necessary upgrades have been built.

Additional drones are still available to harvest minerals.

Several drones are available in the testing area. Please left-click one now to select it.

Before you can train a unit, you must have the supplies to support that unit.

The hatchery cannot be placed too close to minerals.

The Drone is consumed when the structure is created, so you will need another Drone to build another structure.

Select your hatchery and left-click the Select Larva button, then order a larva to morph into an Overlord.

This is a really bad idea.

Zerglings are the basic unit of any zerg army.

There are only a few tests left. Please continue.

Then left-click on the Morph to Zergling button on the command card.

Seal the door!

There's creep in the circuits. Fancy that.

Activating automated sentry bots.

Activating automated defense turrets.

I thought you said you needed an overlord to create more units?

Activating more automated sentry bots.

Activate gas and turrets.

Activate Warbot shield.

Adjutant, deploy firebats to the sublevel. Without Kerrigan commanding them, they should be easy to clean up.

I guess you found out how many zerg I can command. Huge success.

Oh, I just don't like you.

Again? We need to finish these tests and we don't have much time.

You could always let me out of this cell and speed things along...

Dammit, Kerrigan, call off your zerglings.

You do it, Valerian.

More zerg? What were you thinking?

Ah, I can see just fine from up here, thanks.

A warbot? If the zerg get out, a warbot won't be enough. Here, I'll show you.

Can you mutate a drone to a spine crawler?

Okay, it's morphing into a spine crawler.

There you go, one perfectly secure spine crawler.

Oops, looks like these other zerglings are beyond my control. Good luck dealing with them.

But they can still cause some chaos on their own.

I understand that the zerg are dangerous, but we've taken every precaution.

Not at all. In fact, it will help, quite a bit.

You know this is going to end badly, right?

I've... I've lost control of them.

The bridge is extended. This will make reinforcing my zerglings easier.

I can't morph any more... of course, I need another overlord.

Where did my drones go? Oh -- they get used up when I morph them. It's coming back to me.

To mutate a spine crawler, first select a drone by left-clicking.

Then left-click Basic Mutation on the command card, and left-click on Mutate into Spine Crawler.

Yes. This is a terrible idea...

Kerrigan, this isn't funny.

And I'm not laughing... Let me out.

You've already demonstrated that the zerg can be ordered to stop mutating. This isn't a game.

And yet you insist on treating the zerg like toys.

The drone mutating into a spine crawler has stopped. Can you order it to restart the process?

You realize spine crawlers kill people, right Valerian?

Stop this Kerrigan. You're wasting our time.

I have all the time in the world, Valerian.

Kerrigan. Stop this. Now.

Or what? You'll imprison me? Perform tests on me?

Kerrigan... Please focus on finishing the tests. It's almost over.

I assure you everything is under control.

The drone is the harvesting unit of the zerg. They can gather minerals and return them to your hatchery.

Select zerglings by left-clicking, then right-click the enemy to order them to attack.

This is taking too long. I need more zerglings.

If I can extend this bridge, my zerglings can move through this facility faster.

Left-click Basic Mutation on the command card, then left-click on Mutate into Spawning Pool.

Oh, don't let me keep you.

I can't remember... and I'm not sure I want to.

How does the drone survive that?

Your drones are under attack.

This structure must be placed on creep.

What is it?

Additional overlords required.

Placement invalid.

Your drones are unable to reach that location.

This is taking too long. I should morph more zerglings at the hatchery.

That containment door won't open until I destroy the gas turrets.

Now right-click on a mineral field.



Right-click on an enemy, and the zerglings will attack.

Those sentry bots are destroying the zerglings in their pens. I can change that...

We killed your zergling and it... respawned back at the hatchery! That shouldn't be possible!

Anything's possible with the zerg, Valerian. You'll learn.

Eradicator engaging.

There's the Eradicator!

More zerglings? You like to live dangerously, don't you?

Even more zerglings! Valerian, you've been playing with fire. Time to get burned.

That gas is hurting my zerglings!

That gas is hurting my drones!

That gas is hurting the zerg!

Aww, look Valerian. I think he likes you!

Aww, look Valerian. I think they like you!

When Kerrigan frees the first batch:
If the drone is not selected, playLeft-click the drone to select it. here before the next adjutant line.
When Hatchery is complete:
Without cancelling Hatchery
Having cancelled Hatchery before as well
Objective: Morph an Overlord
First thing cancelled
Cancelled 1 thing before
Cancelled both things before
When player has done this
Once player has placed hatchery
While Overlord is morphing
Another sentrybot enters the main cell but the spine crawler destroys it.
New lines, new order:
The cell door opens. Camera shows Sentrybots enter the far platform and start to attack zerglings in cages.
End cinematic
As zerglings run through the cell right outside the main cell.
Intro captured zerglings:
Bonus Objective: Rescue Zerglings
The zerglings disperse.
See the Eradicator powering up.
When it's time for the gas...
When player can see far side of the room:
After Kerrigan makes a spawning pool.
To get the player out of the holding cell:
If player reaches cap and tries to build more.
If player gets below a certain number of Drones
Direction to click the hatchery
Player is attacking with drones instead of zerglings.
How to attack.
Turrets destroyed:
5 repetitions
3 more repetitions
Gas does damage on HARD difficulty:
Cancel twice
Cancel three times
Base under attack
Can't reach target
When Player has destroyed the sentrybots on the second platform:
Must place on creep
Can't see placement/invalid placement
Need more supply
3 more repetitions
Player attempts to attack Valerian with 1 zergling
Player attempts to attack Valerian with multiple zerglings

Crit Path
Mutate Hatchery
Cancellation Lines
Stage 2: Zerglings Running Wild
Spawning pool
Zerglings Built CINEMATIC
Eradicator fight lines
Eradicator destroyed VICTORY CINEMATIC
Player Cancels Hatchery
At some point:
Gas Room
Player Cancels Overlord
Player Cancels Spawning Pool
Context Specific
Bonus Objective -- Free Zerglings
Adjutant forced to Wait
Adjutant Error Messages
TO Consider


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