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 > Seek out the Overmind on Aiur
 > +4 Zerg Research
 > +2 Protoss Research

Echoes of the Future [15]
Complete all mission objectives in the "Echoes of the Future" mission.
ミッション 【Echoes of the Future】 中のクリア目標を全て達成せよ。

Army of One [10]
Complete the "Echoes of the Future" mission with Zeratul killing 50 Zerg units on Normal difficulty.
ミッション 【Echoes of the Future】 難易度 "Normal" を、ゼラトゥルが50体のザーグユニットを倒した状態で達成せよ。

Overmind Dead Body [10]
Complete the "Echoes of the Future" mission on Hard difficulty in less than 20 minutes.
ミッション 【Echoes of the Future】 難易度 "Hard" を、20分以内に達成せよ。


Zeratul:I returned to our ruined homeworld of Aiur. The zerg infestation still covered much of our beloved world... The desiccated remains of the Overmind were still there - a grim reminder of battles lost... and battles won.
私は惑星アイユールにある廃墟と化した我らが故郷に舞い戻った。ザーグの汚染は未だ愛する我が惑星を覆いつくしていた... オーバーマインドの亡骸は以前として残されており―その凄惨たる光景はかつての戦いの数々を... 敗北と勝利の味わいを思い出させる。


Raynor:I remember the fall of Aiur. Don't much like the idea of havin' to see it all again. Guess there's nothin' for it.

Zeratul:At the very apex of its victory against us, the zerg Overmind grew... overconfident.

Zeratul:Now, all that left of the mighty Overmind was a twisted, withered husk.

Zeratul:I needed to understand whatever memories lingered within the creature's rotting mass.

Zeratul:Only by making contact with the gargantuan tendrils connected directly to its cortex could I learn its secrets.

Zeratul:Yet its countless minions, whitch seemed to be feeding from its dead husk, would prove somewhat... problematic.
だが無数の蛆虫どもが主の腐肉を糧として沸いており... 厄介な障害となりそうであった。


Zeratul:I must find a way to establish a foothold and summon reinforcements to keep the zerg at bay!

Zeratul:Ah, this faithful Observer has kept watch since the evacuation. Its abilities will certainly prove useful now.

Tutorial-:Scout flyer - Observers are the Protoss eye in the sky. They are Permanently Cloaked so they can spy on enemy forces with impunity. They have advanced sensors that allow them to act as Detectors and uncover Cloaked and Burrowed units. Observers have no attack, and they rely on stealth for their protection. You can warp in more Observers at the Robotics Facility.
偵察用飛行ユニット - Observerはプロトスにとっての空からの監視役です。彼らはPermanent Cloakingの能力を持ち、安全に敵の動向を探ることができます。同時にDetect能力も持ち、その高性能センサーのおかげでCloakedなユニット及びBurrowedなユニットを探知することができます。Observerは攻撃能力は持っていないため、ステルス能力のみで身を守ります。ObserverはRobotics Facilityで呼び出します。

Zeratul:Some of these abandoned structures remain functional... we shall make use of them.

Zeratul:This ancient beacon still thrums with power. I wonder...

Zeratul:Ah! I've heard tales of the mighty colossi sealed away beneath Aiur! The becon must have awoken these fearsome guardians!

Zeratul:The zerg perceive a threat to their dead master!

Tutorial-Clossus:Megastrider -- The Colossus is an autonomous robot death machine designed by the Protoss long ago. Colossi are so tall that they can walk up and down cliffs, but they are also vulnerable to attacks from air-to-air units. They do great damage to groups of ground units but cannot target air units. The Colossus is warped in at the Robotics Facility.
巨大歩行メカ -- コロッサスは自律型破壊専用ロボットで、はるか昔にプロトスによって設計されました。コロッサスはとても背が高く、崖を上り下りすることができますが、同時に空対空ユニットからも攻撃を受けます。地上ユニットの部隊には大きな威力を発揮しますが、空中ユニットは攻撃することができません。コロッサスはロボティクス・ファシリティで呼び出します。

Zeratul:The zerg will keep coming until we are dead. I must find the Overmind's cortex and discover what I can from it.

Zeratul:If we use Observers wisely, we can scout the area before putting ourselves at risk.

Zeratul:We must be prepared to defend our base. The zerg are on the move.

Zeratul:The zerg seek to overwhelm us! To arms, my brethren!

Zeratul:These warp gates apper to be functinal. Perhaps there's a chance...

High Templar:Adun Toridas, Zeratul! We were trapped within the gate's energy matrix when it was deactivated! You have our thanks!

Tutorial-Warp Gate:Upgrading a Gateway to a Warp Gate allows the Protoss to warp in units directly to any Pylon power field insted of having them appear at the Gateway. Protoss units will also warp in faster through a Warp Gate.

Zeratul:The first Overmind tendril!

Zeratul:I sense... pain. Surprise. Death.

Zeratul:The zerg seek to overwhelm our base!

Zeratul:The zerg are coming!

Zeratul:Our base falls under a shadow -- the zerg will attack soon.
基地が闇の下に落ちようとしている -- ザーグは直ぐに攻撃を仕掛けるであろう。

Zeratul:The second Overmind tendril. I sense... death... and joy?
2つ目のオーバーマインドの触手だ。感じる... 死 ...それに...歓喜だと?

Zeratul:The zerg are massing near our base!

Zeratul:The third Overmind tendril. I sense... satisfaction... in a plan set in motion long ago... and... fear of the future?
3つ目のオーバーマインドの触手だ。感じる... 満足... 古き時代より始まった計画... それに... 未来への恐怖とは一体?

Zeratul:The fourth Overmind tendril. I sense... an end. I must go to the Overmind Cortex to understand.
4つ目のオーバーマインドの触手だ。感じるぞ... 終焉。理解するにはオーバーマインドの脳皮質に辿り着かねば。

Tassadar:Greetings, brother. I speak to you... from the Beyond.
久しいな、兄弟。私だよ... 彼方より話しかけている。

Zeratul:Tassadar! But... you died... slaying this cursed Overmind!
タッサダール!しかし... 貴方は亡くなったはず... この忌々しいオーバーマインドを滅ぼして!

Tassadar:I have never tasted death, Zeratul - nor shall I. But that is a tale for another time. I have come to tell you of this creature's... courage.

Zeratul:Courage? It was an abomination!

Tassadar:Not always. The zerg were... altered. A single over-riding purpose was forced upon them: the destruction of our people.

Tassadar:The Overmind was formed with thought and reason... but not free will. It screamed and raged within the prison of its own mind.
オーバーマインドは思考能力と理性を備えて生まれた... だが自由なる意思はなかったのだ。彼は魂の牢獄に囚われ、怒り咽び泣いていた。

Zeratul:Who did this? Why?

Tassadar:I know not. But the Overmind found a way to regist its all-consuming directive. It created a chance... a hope of salvation.

Tassadar:The Queen of Blades.


Tassadar:Only she can free the zerg from slavery - and in so doing, save all that is... from the flame.

Zeratul:I do not understand, brother.

Tassadar:Forget what you know, Zeratul. The Overmind saw a vision... the end of all things. And now you must see it too.
己の想いなぞ忘れよ、ゼラトゥル。オーバーマインドは予見したのだ... 全ての終末たる結末を。そして今、そなたも同じ予見をしなければならぬ。
(別案)己の想いなぞ忘れよ、ゼラトゥル。オーバーマインドは見たのだ... 全ての終末たる未来を。そして今、そなたもそれを見なければならぬ。

Zeratul:No! This vision! I cannot bear it, stop!


23:02 - Shipboard Time
23:02 - 船内時間

Swann:Y'know, I been watchin' the logs. Those damn protoss are still way ahead of us. I can't believe some of the stunts they can pull off.

Raynor:Tell me about it! They've learned some new tricks since the last time we fought.

Swann:I mean c'mon, since when could they warp in guys just anywhere? I thought they needed some kinda gateway at least!

Raynor:Not just anywhere, they need a pylon or another power source close by. Still, they've been working to improve their tech just like us.

Raynor:Damn, Matt. I don't even know what to make of this last vision from the crystal.

Raynor:Zeratul was looking for more clues about the end of the universe -- but this time he was on Aiur.

Horner:Aiur? What was he looking for?

Raynor:He was trying to find out why the Overmind made the Queen of Blades in the first place.

Horner:She's the one that's going to destroy the universe?

Raynor:No, that's just it - I think she's the only one that can save it.

Tosh:(amused) What've you been seein' this time, man? (sober) Wait...I see it too. Kerrigan?
おう、今度は何を見た?待て... 俺にも見える。ケリガンだな?

Raynor:Seems the Overmind made Kerrigan to... free the zerg... from somethin'. Put 'em on a collision course with the protoss.
どうやらオーバーマインドはケリガンを...ザーグを何かから... 解放するために作ったようだ。何か、ザーグをプロトスとぶつかるように仕向けた奴から。

Raynor:It's all gone wrong. Everything's... twisted, and there's something out there that's set to destroy us all.
何もかも間違ってる。すべて... ねじれてる、どこかに俺達全員を破滅させようとしてる奴がいる。

Tosh:Zerg... protoss. These are strong races. How terrible - how powerful - is something that plays with their fates?
ザーグ... それにプロトス。こいつらは強い種族だ。そんな奴らの運命を弄ぶような奴は - どれだけ恐しい - どれだけ強力なんだ?

Tosh:You look... haunted. You've been seein' into the spirit world, and you learned somethin' you don't like. It's... Kerrigan?
何かに... 取り憑かれたって顔だな。霊魂の世界を覗いてたんだろう、そして気に食わねぇことを知っちまった。それは... ケリガンだな?

Raynor:Seems the Overmind made Kerrigan to... free the zerg... from somethin'. Put 'em on a collision course with the protoss.
どうやらオーバーマインドはケリガンを...ザーグを何かから... 解放するために作ったようだ。ザーグをプロトスとぶつかるように仕向けた何者かから。

Raynor:It's all gone wrong. Everything's... twisted, and there's something out there that's set to destroy us all.

Tosh:Zerg... protoss. These are strong races. How terrible - how powerful - is something that plays with their fates?
ザーグ... それにプロトス。こいつらは強い種族だ。そんな奴らの運命を弄ぶような奴は、どれだけ恐しい――どれだけ強力なんだろうな?

▽News (MEDIA BLITZクリア以前)
Announcer:Nuke Noodles! Call down the FLAVOR!

▽News (MEDIA BLITZクリア以降)
+++ Dominion fringe worlds continue to revolt +++ Raynor's Raiders terrorist group biding its time, experts say +++ Emperor Mengsk still in seclusion +++ Kyla Velassi: I'm excited to win an award! +++ Prince Valerian announces new science initiative +++
+++ ドミニオン周縁星系の反逆が続く +++ 専門家談: レイナーズ・レイダー・テロリストグループは好機を待っている +++ メンスク皇帝は未だ隠遁中 +++ カイラ・ヴァレッシ談: 賞をもらって嬉しいわ! +++ ヴァレリアン王子が新規研究計画を表明 +++

Lockwell:Tonight on UNN -- Another world has broken into open revolt, and Emperor Mengsk still refuses to give any interviews. Is the Dominion falling apart around us?
UNNから今夜のニュースです -- また一つ星が反逆の意を表明していますが、メンスク皇帝は一切のコメントを拒否しています。ドミニオンは私達の目の前で崩れ去ろうとしているのでしょうか?

Arcturus:I will rule this sector or see it burnt to ashes around me....

Lockwell:In this reporter's opinion--

Raynor:Ol' Mengsk is in deep now. He can burn for all I care.

Tychus:When I get outta this suit, first thing I'm doin' is... well, I'd hate to offend your delicate sensibilities.