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In Utter Darkness [15]
Complete all mission objectives in the "In Utter Darkness" mission.
ミッション 【In Utter Darkness】 中のクリア目標を全て達成せよ。

Semi-Glorious [10]
Kill 250 additional Zerg units in the "In Utter Darkness" mission on Normal difficulty.
ミッション 【In Utter Darkness】 難易度 "Normal" において、250体多くのザーグユニットを倒せ。
・ミッション目標に表示された数より 250体多く倒せ。

Blaze of Glory [10]
Kill 750 additional Zerg units in the "In Utter Darkness" mission on Normal difficulty.
ミッション 【In Utter Darkness】 難易度 "Normal" において、750体多くのザーグユニットを倒せ。
・ミッション目標に表示された数より 750体多く倒せ。



Zeratul:Now, friend Raynor, you must see the Overmind's vision of the future. The end of my people... and of all things. This is our fate, should Kerrigan die...
さぁ友愛なるレイナー、そなたはオーバーマインドが予見した未来を理解しなければならぬ。我が民の滅びであり... 全ての滅びだ。これが我々の運命であり、この予見においては、ケリガンは亡くなっているのだ...
(翻訳案2)さぁ友愛なるレイナー、そなたはオーバーマインドが予見した未来を見なければならぬ。我が民の滅びであり... 全ての滅びだ。ケリガンが死ねば、これが我らの定めとなる...


Raynor:I don't think I want to see any vision of the Overmind's... But if Kerrigan's involved... I need to know.
オレはオーバーマインドが予見したものを知りたいとは思わないが... ケリガンが絡んでいるならば...知る必要がある。

Overmind:On a distant, shadowed world, the protoss will make their final stand. Their heroes will gather, their forces will be marshaled, and they will die bravely. But still, they will die.

Overmind:Any my zerg... will be slaves... to the hybrid.
我がザーグは... 奴隷となり... 混成体に仕えているだろう。

Overmind:All will bow before the power... of the Fallen One.
その力の前に全ては平伏す事となる... 堕落せしものに。


Zeratul:Protoss brethren, heed me! The last twilight has fallen. The galaxy burns around us! The terrans have been consumed. We are all that stands against the shadow. But if we are to meet our end this day, then we will do so AS ONE! En Taro Tassadar!

High Templar:Great one, the vault is prepared. Guard us while we preserve our knowledge for those that may follow. They must not make the mistakes we did.

Urun:I have rallied the last of our great fleet!

Zeratul:Your timing is impeccable, Admiral Urun! When the enemy takes to the air, we will need your support.

Tutorial-Stargate:Air unit warp-in structure -- A Stargates enables the warping in of Protoss air units, such as Phoenix, Void Ray, and Carrier.
航空ユニットワープ用建造物 - スターゲートではプロトスの航空ユニット、すなわちフェニックス、ヴォイド・レイ、キャリアーを召喚することができます。

Tutorial-Phoenix:Air-superiority fighter -- The Phoenix is strong air-to-air fighter equipped with the Gravition Beam ability, whitch raises the targeted unit into the air so that other air units can attack it. You can warp in more Phoenixes at the Stargates
制空戦闘機 - フェニックスは強力な空対空戦闘機です。さらに重力ビームのアビリティを持ち、指定したユニットを空に持ち上げて他の対空ユニットが狙えるようにできます。スターゲートでさらにフェニックスを召喚することができます。

Dark Voice:The zerg performed their function as I planned...My Hybrid are proof of this. Now, the last of the protoss will fulfill their function...In death!


Urun:The zerg are swarming at our flanks. We have to react quickly or our perimeter defenses will fall!


Dark Voice:All shadow be remade in my name! Behold my greatest creation!

Urun:I'm detecting a large amount of zerg activity in their hive-clusters! Prepare for an assault!


Mohandar:Our Void Rays are ready to do their part! Disengage prism inhibitors and concentrate all batteries on the hybrid!

Zeratul:Well met, great Mohandar! For Aiur!

Tutorial-Void Ray:Protoss dreadnaught -- The Void Ray is a quick-moving ship that has a powerful beam. This beam continually in creases its power as it attacks. The beam decreases in power if it is no firing. You can warp in more Void Rays the Stargate.
プロトスの戦艦 - ヴォイド・レイは強力なビームを備えた高速船です。ビームの攻撃力は攻撃を当て続けると持続的に上昇していきます。発射していない状態では攻撃力は低下していきます。スターゲートでさらにヴォイド・レイを召喚することができます。

<[Archive]の周りに[Nyzul Warm]出現>

Dark Voice:Every hand is turned against you. Even the ground beneath your feet carries the seed of your destruction!

Selendis:This is the hour of truth, noble templar! Let the enemy know the wrath of Aiur's champions!

Zeratul:Executor Selendis! Unleash the full power of your forces! There may be no tomorrow!

Selendis:En taro Tassadar, Zeratul!

Tutorial-Carrier:Capital ship - Protoss Carrier can build small robotic fighters called Interceptors and deploy them at long range to deal damage to ground and air targets. Interceptors that are destroyed can be rebuilt. You can warp in more Carriers at the Stargates.
プロトスの主力艦 - プロトスのキャリアーは「インターセプター」と呼ばれる小さなロボット戦闘機を生産し、地上と空中のユニットに長距離からダメージを与えることができます。インターセプターは破壊されても再生産することができます。スターゲートでさらにキャリアーを召喚することができます。

Dark Voice:As I was your beginning - so shall I be... your end.

Dark Voice:You have no place to hide and nowhere to run!

Artanis:This is Hierarch Artanis commanding the Shield of Aiur! Our matrix-fields are within range! Engaging mass recall!

Tutorial-Mothership:Protoss fleet leader -- A Mothership is the largest vessel in the Protoss fleet. It has extremely powerful abilities like Mass Recall and Vortex as well as the ability to Cloak nearby ground units and structures. A Mothership can target both ground and air units. There can only be one Mothership on the battlefield at a time. Should Artanis fall, another Mothership can be warped in at the Nexus.
プロトス艦隊の旗艦 - マザーシップはプロトス艦隊の中でも最大の艦船です。大量召喚や竜巻といった極めて強力なアビリティを使えるだけでなく、近くのユニットや建造物をクロークで不可視化する能力も持っています。マザーシップは地上と空中両方のユニットを攻撃できます。同時に戦場に出せるマザーシップは一機だけです。アルタニスが戦死した場合は、ネクサスから次のマザーシップを出現させることができます。

Artanis:My brethren, hear me! For there is little time left. All that remains of our race, our civilization, are those that stand beside you now.

Artanis:Trust in each other. Strike as one will! Let our last stand burn a memory so bright, we will be remembered forever! En taro Tassadar!

<目標数( 1500,2000匹)殲滅達成>
Dark Voice:Foolish, prideful children... There was one among you who have jeopardized my great plan... but in your recklessness -- you mistook her for the true threat!
愚かなり、傲慢なる我が子よ...。 我が偉大なる計画を危うきものとしていた者が一人おったであろう... その思慮の浅はかさ故に――うぬらは彼女を真の脅威であると見誤まったのだ。

Zeratul:The Queen of Blades... how could we have known?
刃の女王... どうすれば我らが手を組めたというのだ?

Dark Voice:Your efforts are futile. My harbingers will usher in a new age!

Urun:There's just...too many of them...
Admiral Urn has fallen in battle.

Mohandar:I return...to the Void.
Dark Prelate Monhandar has fallen in battle.

Selendis:Forgive me great Tassadar...I wasn't...strong enough.
High Executor Selendis has fallen in battle.}

Artanis:Kerrigan... how could we have known...
ケリガン... どうすれば我らは手を取り合うことが出来たのか...
Hierarch Artanis has fallen in battle.

Zeratul:If only we had acted sooner...
Dark Prelate Zeratul has died in combat.

<[Dark Voice]、ザーグを吸収し始める>
Dark Voice:As I was your beginning - so shall I be... your end.

Dark Voice:Your light is expended. It is finished.

Dark Voice:I love it when a plan comes together.

Zeratul:Friend Raynor, you now bear witness... to the truth. There is a malevolent presence within the Void that seeks to destroy everything we hold dear. Could this... Fallen One be a Xel'Naga? After so long... could the gods themselves seek our destruction?

Zeratul:And Kerrigan... I can hardly believe -- the wretched Queen of Blades will prevent the destruction of all that we know...
そしてケリガンだが...信じ難い事であるが -- 卑劣な刃の女王こそが我らの知りえた災厄を防ぐ者なのだ...

Zeratul:Raynor, you may soon hold Kerrigan's fate in your hands. I know only that she must live. Be wary, old friend... the hounds of the Void... are on the hunt.

10:04 - Shipboard Time
10:04 - 船内時間

Swann:Oh what the hell, cowboy, you look like crap. You been thinking about that girl again?

Raynor:Kinda. I just got some bad news 'bout what might happen if we can't save her.

Swann:Bah, no use worrying about what might happen if you ask me. You want me to help, you just let me know.

Horner:You look shaken, sir. What's wrong?

Raynor:Zeratul called it a vision of the future. It was the end time, Matt. Armageddon. More protoss than we ever knew existed, but there still weren't enough to stop the hybrid.

Horner:But what about Kerrigan? Wasn't she supposed to stop them?

Raynor:In this time-line she was dead. Killed by...us. That's what Zeratul's been trying to tell us all along. She has to live or we're all doomed.

Tosh:Damn, brotha' - you look like you could use a drink.

Raynor:I saw the last vision Zeratul put into the crystal. It was a look into the future - a final battle against the hybrid. Armageddon. Somehow... Kerrigan's the key to preventing it.

Tosh:Who knows how the wheel turns? Cycles upon cycles. This much I know - Those that see the future best take heed. It's both a gift... and a curse.

Raynor:But is it cast in stone? That's what I need to know.

Tosh:Who knows? I've heard you say we are who we choose to be. If that be true, the future cannot be fixed.

Bubba:Hankerin' for some down home cookin' out there in the space-lane? C'mon down to Bubba's Gas n' Grub!

Bubba:We got Two Fer Tuesdays, featuring BBQ Muta-Wings! Also free Plasma Charge with each fill up!

Bubba:Bubba's Gas n Grub! Your space trucker home away from home!

Tychus:You're lookin' a little pale there, Jimmy. What you need is another drink!