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- 警告!
Researching 【研究対象名】 will prevent you from researching 【同種・同レベルの対象外名】 Once made, the choice will be irreversible.
Would you like to confirm this research decision?

Protoss 05
- Weapon upgrades increase attack speed by 5%.
- Applies to Armory and Engineering Bay.
- 武器をアップグレードし、攻撃速度+5%
- アーマリーとエンジニアリングベイによって適用される

These self-replenishing Ultra-Capacitors reduce the reload time of all of our weapons and weapons systems.
Now each of the weapon upgrades in the Armory and Engineering Bay increases attack speed by 5% in addition to increasing damage.

-Vanadium Plating
- Armor upgrades increase life by 5%.
- Applies to Armory and Engineering Bay.
- アーマーをアップグレードし、HP+5%
- アーマリーとエンジニアリングベイによって適用される

We have created a new lightweight alloy called vanadium. Vanadium diffuses weapon impacts much more effectively than traditional armor plating, and it better preserves the life of our units.
Now each of the armor upgrades in the Armory and Engineering Bay increases unit life by 5% in addition to increasing armor.

Protoss 10
-Orbital Depots
- Supply Depots are built instantly.
- サプライ・デポを瞬時に建造

We can now call down Supply Depots straight from orbit due to our new understanding of Protoss architecture. Key pivot joints have been added to the Supply Depot's structure, allowing the Supply Depot to survive the violent turbulence of breaking through an atmosphere.
Now an SCV simply has to place a Beacon, and the crew on the Hyperion will handle the rest.

- Refineries produce vespene gas 25% faster.
- Also applies to the Automated Refinery.
- リファイナリーのベスピンガス採集率+25%
- オートリファイナリーにも適用される。

Combining Terran and Protoss filtering techniques allows our Refineries and Automated Refineries to reclaim a higher amount of vespene gas in its purest form.

Protoss 15
-Automated Refinery
- Refinery no longer requires SCVs to harvest vespene gas.
- リファイナリーでのガス採集にSCVを必要としない。

We have adapted Protoss warp technology to transport gas canisters straight from the Refinery to the Command Center, eliminating the need for SCVs to carry them back.
Why the Protoss have never thought to transport vespene in this fashion is a mystery. Perhaps they lack Terran creativity and pragmatism, or possibly their primitive superstitions forbid the practice.

-Command Center Reactor
- Allows two SCVs to be trained simultaneously.
- SCVを2機、同時生産可能

We now have the ability to train two SCVs simultaneously, allowing our early mineral and vespene production to ramp up twice as quickly.
This breakthrough, made possible by recent insights into Protoss containment fields, should help us get a stronger foothold early in future missions.

Protoss 20
- Detects cloaked and burrowed enemies.
- Can drop Auto-Turrets.
- Can place Point Defense Drones.
- Can deploy Seeker Missiles.
- Built at the Starport.
- クロークおよび潜伏中の敵を発見する。
- オートタレットを敷設できる。
- ポイント・ディフェンス・ドローンを設置できる。
- シーカーミサイルを展開できる。
- スターポートで建造。

The Raven is an unmanned surveillance drone that can detect cloaked and burrowed enemy units. The Raven can also serve as a combat engineer by placing Auto-Turrets and Point Defense Drones and firing Seeker Missiles in strategically vital locations.

-Science Vessel
- Detects cloaked and burrowed enemies.
- Can Irradiate enemy units.
- Repairs nearby mechanical units.
- Built at the Starport.
- クローク・地中潜伏中の敵を発見する。
- 敵ユニットに放射線を照射し被爆させる。
- 周辺の機械系ユニットを修理する。
- スターポートで建造。

We have created a unique version of the Science Vessel that can perform hull repairs on friendly mechanical units. This version of the Science Vessel can also Irradiate individual targets and detect cloaked and burrowed enemy units.

Protoss 25
-Tech Reactor
- Combines the Tech Lab and the Reactor.
- テックラボとリアクターを一体化する

Protoss plasma shields have finally given us the ability to fit the Tech Lab and the Reactor into a single structure add-on.
This new add-on, known as the Tech Reactor, replaces the old Tech Lab and Reactor add-ons and allows us to train two of any unit type simultaneously.

-Orbital Strike
- Barracks units now arrive by Drop-Pod.
- Drop-Pod lands at the Barracks' rally point.
- バラックのユニットはドロップポッドで到着する。
- ドロップポッドはバラックのラリーポイント(集合地点)に着陸する。

We have developed a low-cost Drop-Pod that lets us send our infantry units straight from the Hyperion to the Barracks' rally point.
This technological marvel gives us the ability to reinforce instantly when far from our main base and to surprise the enemy from above.

Zerg 05
-Shrike Turret
- Outfits all Bunkers with an automated turret.
- バンカーにオートタレットが配備される。

We have developed an automated turret that comes standard with all Bunkers. This turret, which is based on our studies of Spore Crawlers, adds extra firepower to manned Bunkers and also allows unmanned Bunkers to contribute to base defense.

-Fortified Bunker
- Bunkers gain +150 life.
- バンカーのHP+150

This improved Bunker design, inspired by the Ultralisk exoskeleton, attaches a hardened carapace to the top of the Bunker. This carapace dramatically increases the amount of punishment that a Bunker can absorb.

Zerg 10
-Planetary Fortress
- Command Center can upgrade to a Planetary Fortress.
- Upgrade grants extra armor and the Twin Ibiks Cannon.
- A Planetary Fortress cannot lift off.
- コマンドセンターはプラネタリー・フォートレスにアップグレード可能。
- アップグレードで強固な装甲とツイン・アイビクス・キャノンを獲得。
- プラネタリー・フォートレスは浮上できない。

We can now outfit the Command Center with the Twin Ibiks Cannon and additional structure plating. Please note that this upgrade, nicknamed the Planetary Fortress, must be triggered after the Command Center has been built.
Also note that a Command Center that has been upgraded to a Planetary Fortress can no longer lift off because the added weight is far too much for the Command Center's Atlas boosters.

-Perdition Turret
- Flame turret.
- Does massive area damage.
- Conceals itself when not in combat.
- 火炎放射タレット。
- 広範囲ダメージ。
- 非戦闘時は自動的に潜伏する。

This turret fires a deadly wall of flame that is ideal for holding off large waves of enemy units. The turret also conceals itself beneath the ground when out of combat, luring unsuspecting enemies into its field of fire.
The Zerg's ability to burrow has allowed them to massacre countless Terran soldiers in deadly ambushes. The new Perdition Turret should help even the score.

Zerg 15
{- anti-infantry specialist
- Periodically emits a powerful area shock attack.
- Built at the Factory.
- 対歩兵に特化したユニット。
- 一定間隔で強力な範囲衝撃波を放つ。
- ファクトリーで建造。

The Predator is equipped with an electrified discharge field. This field activates each time the Predator strikes an enemy in combat, dealing heavy damage to all nearby enemy units. This makes the Predator a devastatingly effective counter to large groups of enemy units.

- Massive transport ship.
- Deploys loaded troops almost instantly.
- Loaded troops survive if Hercules is destroyed.
- Built at the Starport.
- 大型輸送艦。
- 収容兵員を瞬時に着陸させる。
- ヘラクレスが破壊されても兵員は生存する。
- スターポートで建造。

We have retrofitted the Hercules-class cargo ship for use on the battlefield. This massive transport can carry entire armies and unload them at record speeds.
The Hercules will also eject Survival Pods if shot down. Ejected occupants will sustain damage, but most would agree that injury is preferable to death.

Zerg 20
-Cellular Reactor
- Specialist units start with +100 energy.
- Specialist units gain +100 maximum energy.
- 特務工作ユニットの初期エナジー+100
- 特務工作ユニットの最大エナジー+100

This reactor has a larger energy reserve on startup and can hold a much larger charge. Now our specialist units can use their abilities the moment they hit the battlefield, and they can store more energy when idle for long periods of time.
Specialist units are units that use energy, such as the Medic, Ghost, and Wraith.

-Regenerative Bio-Steel
- Ships and vehicles slowly regenerate life.
- 艦と車両はゆっくりと自己修復する。

Our ship and vehicle hulls are now made from a material called Regenerative Bio-Steel. This material uses internal Nanobots to slowly repair any damage the hull sustains.
While this regeneration process is much slower than conventional SCV repairs, it can be the difference between life and death if no SCVs are available.

Zerg 25
-Hive Mind Emulator
- Defensive structure.
- Can permanently Mind Control Zerg units.
- 防衛的構造物。
- ザーグユニットを永久に洗脳する。

This emulator can mimic the signals of the now-deceased Overmind and bring individual Zerg units under our permanent control.
Each conversion taxes the battery heavily, though, so a long recharge may be required before the next target can be controlled.

-Psi Disruptor
- Defensive structure.
- Slows movement and attack speeds of nearby Zerg.
- Constant effect.
- 防衛的構造物。
- 周辺のザーグの移動速度と攻撃速度を低下させる。
- 常時効果。

Studies conducted by the United Earth Directorate have shown that concentrated doses of sigma radiation can slow Zerg movement and reaction speeds by as much as 50%.
The Psi Disruptor has been developed to constantly emit sigma rays in a large area of effect, making it an essential base defense when facing a large Zerg force.
Psi Disruptorはシグマ放射線を広範囲に常時放出するよう設計されており、ザーグの大群に対するには不可欠な拠点防衛兵器だ。

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