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Zagara is here to serve your will.

Tell me Zagara, how would you drive the terrans from this world?

I would obliterate their fortress on the Dauntless Plateau. But the only way to reach it is through the Bone Trench.
私は[Dauntless Plateau]にある彼らの要塞を潰すつもりでした。しかしそこに到達するには[Bone Trench]を通るしか道がありません。

Be warned, the terrans flooded our tunnels with lava. We will be exposed on the surface until we reach the plateau.

That doesn't concern me. Warfield has no idea what he's up against.

But what of the xel'naga artifact? Could the terrans still possess it?

They might, but I know it's not here on Char. It's no threat to us.


Be warned, ever since the terrans destroyed our infested platform, they control the skies. We will be vulnerable.



The Swarm is growing again. Now for you, Warfield.

Reclaiming this world will send a message to your emperor. I'm coming for him.


Izsha, all around me I see signs of the old Queen of Blades.

But I can't remember why I held my forces here on Char for so long.

You were studying the future, planning for a great war.

What war? Explain.

You never told us. You only said that you had seen a vision of our extinction. And you wanted us to fight to the last.

I don't remember that... at all.


Do you know why I beat you in battle?

You were stronger than I.


Faster then.


Do not toy with me, my queen! Tell me your secret!

Talk to Abathur in the evolution pit.

He will tell me?

He will change you. Go.

▼進化室(Evolution Pit)

When I was... my old self, did I ever give you humans to experiment on?

Yes. Very bad. Primitive structures, minimal biological adaptability.

You know I was terran?

Rare terran individuals, high psionic potential. Overcome flawed origins.

From now on, we won't be doing any more experiments on humans.

Am pleased to know it.


Tell me about the changes you made to Zagara.

Broodmother template already allowed complex problem solving, learning, ability to command broods, multiple focuses.

Now added muscle density, expanded brain matter. Now able to hypothesize multiple scenarios. Cognitive flexibility.

Perhaps I should add this to all future broodmothers.

Extraneous brain matter deemed unnecessary for broodmother role in Swarm. Extra matter requires extra energy.

Also leads to increased independence. This contradicts imperative: zerg must present no danger to leader of Swarm.


To reach the Dauntless Plateau, we must move the Swarm through the Bone Trench.
あの[Dauntless Plateau](要塞名?『堅牢な高台』)へと到達するには、スウォームを[Bone Trench](地名)を超えて移動させる必要があります。

The terrans will bring everything they have against us.


The bone trench. This is the only approach to the terran fortress.
[Bone Trench]。ここがテランの要塞への唯一の入り口です。

I tried to bring my brood through here once before. The terrans brought their Gorgon battlecruisers from the skies.

They strafed us over and over. The Swarm bled, and died. Along with any hope of pushing the terrans from Char.

Wait, those are scourge nests. They could bring down a Gorgon... we just need to reawaken them.

My queen, we should simply race through the trench, not waste time fighting gorgons.
女皇様、我々はただ[Bone Trench]の通過を急ぐべきです。ゴルゴンと戦うような無駄にできる時間はありません。

If we surprise the terrans, we can make it through with acceptable losses.

And if we don't, the Swarm dies. You need to learn vision, Zagara. Planning, calculation, cunning.

We can use this creep tumor to spawn a tumor near the scourge nest. Once it's awake, Warfield's Gorgon is done for.
この[Creep Tumor]を使ってあの巣の近くに[Tumor]を作ることが出来るわ。もし目覚めればウォーフィールドのゴルゴン級でも堕とせるでしょう。

My queen, General Warfield has called in a Gorgon. It is headed for our hive cluster!

That ship is huge! No wonder Warfield can't deploy two of them into the trench at once.

He only needs one.

Hurry, spread creep to those Scourge Nests so we can place a creep tumor by them!
急ぎなさい。出来るだけ[Creep Tumor]を設置し、スコージの巣までクリープを広げるのよ!

That will awaken the Scourge Nest. I hope it is enough to destroy the Gorgon.


We have a creep tumor by the first Scourge Nest!
最初のスコージの巣のそばに[Creep Tumor]を設置しました!

Awaken! Annihilate that Gorgon!

Perfect! This is the beginning of the end, Warfield!

The Scourge Nest spent its entire life force to take out the Gorgon.

We have more. Get a creep tumor by the next one. Move!
つまりもっと必要ね。[Creep Tumor]を次の巣の近くまで伸ばすのよ。進め!


Discovered usable essence within zerg biomass, valuable sequences.

Recover. Will empower Queen of Blades.


Biomass obtained. Good sequences.


Get another Gorgon into the fight!


That Gorgon is almost to the hive cluster. We need another Scourge Nest!


Our forces should avoid the Gorgon. Only a Scourge Nest can destroy it.


Two down. There's more coming. Spread the creep!

Bring in a Gorgon! Crush Kerrigan!


Deploy drop-pods!


Thank you, my queen. There are more of my brood burrowed among the dead.

I may want to keep you near the front lines to spawn creep tumors.
[Creep Tumor]を産むためにお前を前線近くに居させようと思っている。

I understand. The more tumors there are, the faster creep spreads.


Another Gorgon down! Keep it up -- awaken more scourge nests!

Call in another Gorgon!


Got another one! Leave this planet to me, Warfield!

Never, Kerrigan!

General Warfield called in another Gorgon, my queen!

Lots of bones in that trench, all zerg. You'll join them soon enough!


Another Gorgon! You'll pay for this, Kerrigan!


Get a strike team to that Scourge Nest before the zerg activate it!


I claimed this planet in the name of the Terran Dominion. I'm not gonna lose it!


Pull back! Repeat, all Dominion forces in the trench, retreat! We've lost control!
退却! 繰り返す、全ドミニオン軍は本[Trench]より撤退する!支配権を失った!

Kerrigan, this is Warfield. I know you can hear me. I have a message for you:

Bring everything you have. Bring your whole Swarm. I don't want to hunt down stragglers after we wipe you out.

I'll see you on the Dauntless Plateau, old man.
老いぼれが、[Dauntless Plateau]で会いましょう。


It is.

I can feel it... slowing me. Slowing the entire Swarm!

Warfield is using a psi-disrupter!

Not for long. I'm going to destroy it.

Another psi-disrupter!

Destroy it!

The Scourge Nest died!

My gorgon!

Another Gorgon, my queen!

Deploy tactical squad omega! Take down their hive cluster!

My scouts report several terran structures in the area.

Orbital command centers. Kill the guards and they'll fall before the Swarm.

That's the last one. I can feel them running in fear.

You did it, my queen! Now we can move the Swarm onto the plateau and drive the terrans from Char!

You should have stayed in retirement, Warfield.

Char is mine, old man. Get out while you can!

You can't stop me, Warfield. You can't stop the Swarm!

We beat you on Char before. We can do it again!

Let's see how you do against me without the xel'naga artifact!

You're a coward, Kerrigan. A traitor to humanity!

Hydralisks! They can't take on the gorgon, but they are good to have in the Swarm.

I'm about to destroy you, Kerrigan!

A Gorgon approaches our hive cluster!

Strike team, take out that Scourge Nest!

General Warfield is sending a team to destroy a scourge nest.

A scourge nest is under attack.

We've already got a scourge nest ready and waiting.

I just hope it is enough to destroy the gorgon.

The creep has reached another scourge nest! It awakens!

Another scourge nest awakens.

The creep has reached another nest!

We have spread creep to another scourge nest!


That one barely got off the ground, Warfield!

Your Gorgons are burning before they even reach the skies, Warfield!

You have awoken two scourge nests at once! How do you control creep so well?

Last time, the terrans sent cloaked aircraft and destroyed my hive cluster.

Wraiths. Get those spore crawlers rooted in the ground now!

Wraiths. Get that spore crawler rooted in the ground now!

Those firebats are burning corpses... but I sense some living zerg among the dead! Kill the firebats!

Our scourge nest is ready and waiting.

General Warfield sends a gorgon at our hive cluster!

It awakens!

Destroy the gorgon!

Thank you. There are more of my brood burrowed among the dead.

Our queen may need you near the front lines to spawn creep tumors.

Those terrans are burning corpses... my brood may survive among the dead! Slay the firebats!

Two of the terran Gorgons destroyed! Spread the creep!

Another gorgon destroyed! Move quickly -- awaken more nests!

Another Gorgon falls! Char will belong to the Swarm once again.

The scourge nest is ready and waiting.

A creep tumor can be used to spawn another creep tumor.

I remember. If it gets destroyed, I can have a queen spawn another creep tumor.

When a creep tumor first spawns, it is vulnerable until it burrows. After that, it is much harder for the terrans to see.

If it gets destroyed, I can have a queen spawn another creep tumor.

A Gorgon is destroying our hive cluster! Awaken another Scourge Nest, now!

You did that with Jim's help -- before you betrayed him!

I'm a general of the Terran Dominion, and I always was.

We may not be perfect, but we're humanity's last, best hope against threats like you!

Warfield troops are cutting off our forces!

Warfield's sent a Raven after our creep tumors! Kill it, now!

Drop team sigma, cut off their reinforcements!

Damn creep is everywhere! Get a raven out there popping creep tumors yesterday!

Zerg! Get into the bunker!

The first orbital command center has been destroyed.

Another orbital command down.

There, Warfield's orbital network is out of commission.

All hail the Swarm!

Dammit, my men are flying blind!

Have the creep tumor spawn another tumor next to that nest!

Spawn a creep tumor next to the Scourge Nest, quickly!

Oh, I think you are. This is your last Gorgon, isn't it?

Psi disrupter
Another psi-disrupter:
1st cannon comes online
Gorgon destroyed
Another gorgon arrives
More gorgon destroyed
Rescue a queen
Planetary fortress
Warfield sends a wave
Scourge Nest hits a gorgon just as it launches
The final scourge nest shoots down a gorgon.
Kerrigan taunts
Warfield Taunts
gorgon approaching Kerrigan's base
Warfield orders a strike team to a scourge nest:
Strike Team reached a scourge nest, now attacking it:
First gorgon enters map
If player hasn't yet activated a scourge nest:
If player has already activated a scourge nest:
In the case of either scenario, end with this:
Player gets creep to 2 scourge nests within 10 secons of each other.
Terran air forces approaching and the player has not yet planted his Spore crawlers:
alt if there is only one SC:
Warfield Drops defenses between you and your base
Raven ordered to destroy stuff
Firebat runs away
Orbital 1 down
Orbital 2 down
Orbital 3 down
Zerg Biomass
Final Gorgon
Player attempts to attack the gorgon with ranged units.


VICTORY cinematic
To Consider
Bonus Objective
Gorgons coming, going, getting destroyed
Mission Start
Scourge Nests come Online
Firebats burning corpses:
Creep Tumors and how they work:
Specific taunt about Warfield's role. All lines must play in sequence


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